George Takei Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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George Takei has been beamed out of Celebrity Apprentice.

After Donald Trump served up arguably the competition's most difficult challenge for the celebrity teams yet, the fan-favorite contestant became the casualty.

With a fashion-related challenge, the 0-for-2 women's team (which has two models as members) finally won their first challenge to get the zero off the board.

In the boardroom, Takei ended up paying the price.

George Takei Apprentice Pic

Sunday's assignment was to create two living window displays at Lord & Taylor to promote Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line ... convenient.

The teams were judged in three areas: creativity, brand message and overall presentation. The women's team project manager? Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza.

The men's manager? Takei. The deck was stacked on this one.

The men spent a lot of time complaining about Takei's leadership (Clay Aiken even called his leader "slower") while the women's team benefited from Aubrey O'Day.

In addition to Mendoza leading the way, O'Day came up with the concept and took over a lot of the planning, helping key a demonstrative win for the females.

Takei brought Lou Ferrigno and Arsenio Hall into the boardroom, where both blamed his lack of leadership ... at which point George threw himself under the bus.

It wasn't exactly a surprise to see Takei fired at that point. Just sad.

Next week, Trump says he's firing two celebrities. Who should go next? What did you think of Sunday's episode? Were you sad/shocked to see Takei fired?