TLC Presents: Sorority Girls Gone Bad!

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Sorority girls aren’t known for being nice, and they certainly weren't on TLC's latest show, which premiered last night. The premise of this new reality series?

Five American Sorority Girls attempting to establish Britain’s first ever sorority, Sigma Gamma. Obviously. We were wondering when we'd see such a thing!

When the girls are introduced to a new potential pledge named Claudia who is wearing short shorts, high heels and a fake tan, they rip her to shreds.

“I think when you’re first getting to know someone you don’t necessarily want to make judgments right off the bat,” one nice American mean girl says.

“But you can’t help it and sometimes you’re just like ‘oh that girl is looking a little slutty,’ but you never want to say that because that’s rude.” So ...

“Instead you just say she’s looking like a slooter cahooter,” the girl reasons, teaching British sorority hopefuls the right way to be bitches. Word.

TLC says in its synopsis that on Sorority Girls, “cultures will clash and girls will be judged and humiliated all for the sake of earning sisterhood.”

Brain cells and faith in humanity will also be diminished.