New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer: The Untold Story Begins

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The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into theaters on July 3, and while many movie goers may be wondering why such a recent franchise is already getting a reboot - with Andrew Garfield taking over the main webbed role - a new trailer for the blockbuster attempts to answer that question.

Peter Parker has a past, folks. And he's only just finding out about it now.

The following preview debuted last night as part of a promotional event that involved live fan events in 13 different cities. It gives us a quick look at Rhys Ifans, as Dr. Curt Connors, transforming into The Lizard; as well as an extended fun look at Denis Leary as Gwen Stacy's police chief of a father.

Will you be lining up for this remade action flick? Check out the latest trailer now and then do the same for the other summer fare that debuted during Super Bowl XVLI...