McDonald's Pink Slime: No Longer Used in Burgers!

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McDonald's is no longer using the controversial ground beef filler known as "pink slime," according to reports. That's the good news you can take out of this.

The bad? That crap was in all the ones you already ate.

Pink slime is not its real name, but it might actually sound more appetizing than the ingredients ... spare beef trimmings treated with ammonium hydroxide.


McDonald's Burger

The ammonium hydroxide is used to kill any bacteria in the trimmings. As revolting as it sounds, the additive is approved by the Department of Agriculture.

McDonald's move comes after celebrity TV chef Jamie Oliver brought it to public attention and vocally made calls for the restaurant chain to stop using it.

The company denied that its decision was influenced by Oliver, saying it stopped using the product months ago and had discussed dropping it for a year.

Either way, you may now return to eating at McDonald's ... if you want. The mere thought of pink slime may be sticking to your memory for awhile.