Lindsay Lohan Moving Out of Beach House After Stalking Scare

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Storage trucks were seen at Lindsay Lohan's home today, as the actress has apparently decided that one run-in with an alleged trespasser is one too many.

"Lindsay's house is more accessible than Starbucks," a source tells E! of her Venice Beach townhome, which has become a magnet for gawkers (and stalkers) of late.

"People sit in lawn chairs with cameras out on the sidewalk. That's one thing, but the incident where the lunatic knocked on her door was the last straw."

Long story short, she's outta there.

LiLo Movin'

"It just got her thinking that she needs to move," the source says. "Lindsay contacted some real estate agents about properties that are gated and more secure."

In the interim, she's moved into the Chateau Marmont ... not a cheap place to live, but those Lindsay Lohan Playboy pictures netted her almost a mill. A mill!

So where's the resurgent star going to settle down when all's said and done?

"When someone makes a change like this (moving), it's natural for them to consider going back to their roots, and in this case, that would be New York."

Once her probation's over, look for a coast-to-coast move. Just a hunch.


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