The Unit From Jersey Shore: What a Douche!

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Jonny Manfre, a.k.a. The Unit, is making his presence felt in the new season of Jersey Shore - for better or worse. So who is the Situation's right-hand, pot-stirring man?

On the Season 5 premiere of the MTV hit, the gang returned from Italy to a welcome home bash in Seaside. Snooki's BFF Ryder and The Unit were among the attendees.

It got awkward fast. Not only did Ryder ride The Unit at some point, but Jonny M. also witnessed the alleged Snooki-Situation hookup - to Mike's everlasting delight.

Because we know you're DYING to know, here are some fun Unit facts:

  • He's Mike's BFF. Seriously. Two peas in a PED-enhanced pod.
  • He is dating a girl named Amia Miley (pictured) somehow:
Jonny Manfre aka The Unit
  • The Unit, a Situation original nickname, refers to what you think it does. Gross.
  • He allegedly smushed Ryder while Snooki served Sitch right next to him. Gross.
  • Unit joined Mike's plot to fake rat out Snooki to Jionni just for fun in Season 4.
  • He was arrested outside the Seaside house during Season 5 with a “mysterious powdery white substance” and faces drug possession charges as a result.
  • He was recently, and still may be, in a relationship with an "award-winning porn actress." Sigh. Huge letdown for you ladies out there, we're sure.
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