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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are headed to South Africa, but apparently not before an entire episode dedicated to prep and packing. We recap who’s staying, who’s going, and who’s itching for a fight in our THG +/- review.

NeNe’s spending more time with her new BFF Marlo.

NeNe admits that they’re both label whores; they bond over shopping and shoes. Marlo gives NeNe a tour of her home and I have to say, if Marlo sleeps with men to make her money she’s obviously very successful at it.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

She even gives her new gal pal one of her many Chanel bags even after NeNe calls Chanel an old lady bag. What are friends for? Plus 8.

NeNe’s still waffling about whether to go to Africa and Marlo says she’d love to go on the trip … so NeNe invites her along. Minus 10. Can NeNe do that? Hasn’t Phaedra organized this trip? Yup but that doesn’t stop NeNe from telling Marlo to come along.

Across town we’ve got the shape up wars. Both Kandi and Kim have to lose a few pounds but their going about it in completely different ways.

Kandi gets her self a power trainer who put her on a scale and then runs her through a boot camp style obstacle course. Plus 12. If she can keep that kind of workout up she’ll be in killer shape.

Kroy tells Kim exercise is the only way to go. Kim’s got other ideas. The quick fix girl gets a slim wrap that makes her look like a mummy on a trampoline.

To her credit she loses over 10 inches. Of course Kroy’s no fool and knows you don’t lose five pounds of fat by wrapping yourself in ace bandages. The water weight will be back in a couple of days but 10 inches gone looks good to Kim.

So how does she celebrate? With pizza of course. Plus 10. I love Kim. 

Kroy’s got to head to training camp for a month and the two of them are a little love sick at the thought of it. Kim plans a romantic evening at home.

If only she hadn’t employed her parents to help her get it set up. The bath has bubbles and rose petals. She and Kroy are lit by candlelight and then Kim’s dad walks in and tells them to be careful or name the kid after him. Minus 15.

That was worse than a mood killer. That was almost creepy.

Cynthia and Peter are still working on communicating better. All I see is Peter being pouty because she’s running off to Africa without him and Cythina’s glowing at the thought of getting away. 

Cynthia laments that the last time she was in Africa she was too broke to see very much. This time she’s going to enjoy the real Africa … apparently that means high end hotels and upscale safaris. I think she needs to check her definition of real. Minus 8.

Phaedra prepares for the trip and Apollo gets ready for daddy day care as it will be just the boys for 10 days. Plus 10 because little Ayden is just too darn cute.

Phaedra’s a little worried about NeNe coming along, little does she know that she’s bringing some backup.

As everyone heads to the airport, NeNe’s the last to arrive…but wait. Here comes Marlo. Plus 13 for the looks on their faces. Sheree and Phaedra are practically catching flies their jaws drop so low.

Kandi thinks NeNe felt like she needed some muscle and  it looks like Marlo’s her enforcer in heels.


Next week, the safari officially begins and the claws come out. Let’s see how many of the Real Housewives make it back to Atlanta in one piece.