Beyonce Hospital Birthing Suite: Nicer Than Yours!

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Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were living large last weekend. Birthing suite style.

The Lenox Hill Hospital birthing suite where Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl is, one could say, the Ritz-Carlton of birthing suites. Five-star stuff here.

TMZ reported, and a hospital employee subsequently confirmed, that the photo seen here is indeed of the "executive suite" where Blue was born ...

Beyonce Birthing Suite

The spacious room features four flat-screen TVs, gray and cream sofas, even brushed-chrome accents, mahogany walls and a fancy pants kitchenette.

Jay-Z, who already released a song for Blue, apparently kicked back on a cozy bed with plush sheets, a fluffy comforter and a private bedside table.

He deserved it - guys have child birth really rough.

Lenox Hill Executive Director Frank Danza said the superstar couple paid $800 per room per night to use the brand-new, never-before-used suites.

Not cheap, but a far cry from reports that they rented out a whole floor of the hospital for A MILLION DOLLARS. That's just crazy talk right there.

NY State Health Department officials are investigating reports that the couple's security personnel caused issues for other expectant moms and new parents.

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