Kate Major: No Longer Missing, Maybe Pregnant

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Kate Major is no longer missing.

She checked into a hospital under a fake name the other night and that's why no one knew her whereabouts, other than the doctors who were caring for her.

Michael Lohan's ex was hospitalized after a seizure, but was later released. Major is still undergoing rehab, and from the looks of these pics, buying pregnancy tests:

Kate Major Pic
Kate Major Up Close

According to Kate's hat, she's been to Cheaterville. We have no idea what that means or how it applies to this post ... but pregnancy tests? Wow. Just wow.

Major implied she was pregnant, or at least that she could be, in a sit-down with Dr. Drew last month. Now she's out at the drug store buying the tests?

It looks like a staged photo - someone just happens to be tracking Kate Major of all people into the store, where she buys these personal items in plain view?

We doubt she's expecting, but if Michael Lohan is having another kid, that would certainly be 20 times more shocking than the Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


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