Kate Major: Possibly Pregnant By Michael Lohan

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Kate Major has now strongly implied, in her sit-down with Dr. Drew, that Michael Lohan sexually assaulted her and that she may be pregnant with his kid.

While no one deserves to be subjected to the things he did to her, you have to wonder.

What are the motives of someone to turns around and instantly milks this for publicity?

Asked what her worst experience with MiLo was, she replied:

Dr. Drew and Kate Major

"I guess I have to be really honest here. He had been doing cocaine all night and he was kind of coming off of a binge. I woke up. I wasn’t involved in that."

"We were in the Hamptons ... I went through his phone and I saw that he was talking to a woman ... he was saying some very nasty things about me."

"I woke him and said what is this? He took a remote, threw it at my head, handcuffed me to a bed and forcefully had sex with me. I never reported that."

That's messed up if true. And it gets worse still ...

Meanwhile, "he took my birth control pills away," Kate Major said, at which point Dr. Drew interjected, "Kate, KATE, are you saying you might be pregnant?"

"I'm not saying anything," she said cryptically. "I don't want to discuss that topic?" Well, naturally. Better to leave keep guessing and talking about you.

Michael Lohan is cooling his ass in solitary confinement after back-to-back arrests last month for harassing and allegedly abusing Major, his on/off GF.


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Kate and Milo are toxic together. When your mate starts checking up on you through your phone, evidently your mate does Not trust you to begin with. These two lovebirds can Not live together,but had refused to stay apart. They have a Tom and Jerry relationship,one being just as bad as the other. I will Not minimize the fact that in an already unhealthy relationship, domestic violence equals a recipe for disaster. Kate and Milo live and breathe on high voltage drama,and the best that they can do is take a good look at themselves, and face the fact that they are headed down the road of one or both of them ending up seriously hurt.
With their violent history together, anyone wearing a blindfold can see that they are an odd couple who should run into the opposite direction when they are in the same room. PEACE!!


Just a hot mess, all of them. I feel really bad for the Lohan kids. I mean what kind of life could you have comeing from Dena and Michael. They should be under a rock somewhere starving to death. Now this chick.

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