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Kate Major went missing Sunday night after she apparently wandered off from a hospital, where she had been admitted after suffering a seizure while in a rehab center.

According to her rep, Major was transferred from rehab in Boca Raton, Fla., to a hospital after suffering a seizure. It’s not clear what brought that on or how severe it was.

In any case, Kate Major left the hospital on her own and no one knows where she went. She has no money, phone, credit cards or clothes besides the ones on her back.

Kate Major in a Car
(Getty Images)

Kate Major and her combustible ex in happier times.

The former reporter for celebrity news magazine Star is best known for dating the guy above and frantically calling the police every so often when he flies off the handle.

It is not known what caused her to leave the hospital or how she pulled that off with no one noticing, but she had been in rehab to treat her recurring alcohol abuse.

If you’ve seen Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin’s ex … we have no idea what to tell you. But you should probably contact your local authorities and ask them what to do.