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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still reeling from last week’s strippergate and we’re here to break down all the drama from this week in our +/- recap!

Let’s get to it:

Phaedra must really feel bad about offending Kandi’s Momma because she shows up with a cake as an apology. Plus 8. Despite the stripper, the girl does have some good Southern manners.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Of course that doesn’t stop the two from discussing RiDickculous’ talents, if you can accurately call them that. Phaedra insists he is something that must be seen and the ladies decide to petition his acceptance into the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum.

Kandi’s a little ticked at NeNe for bolting from her birthday party and not saying goodbye. Minus 5. That was a little rude.  haedra wonders why a former stripper was so offended by a stripper. 

Minus 10 to Kandi’s Momma, Joyce. She really needs to give this thing a rest. Kandi didn’t know Phaedra hired a male stripper for her birthday. Stop talking about you daughter’s lack of respect and move on.

I can only imagine what Momma’s reaction will be to Kandi’s adult toy line. Now that should be fun.

In other news Cynthia mc’s a fashion show but Phaedra may be right on this one. People want to see a model, not hear one. Minus 7. If Cynthia doesn’t do a lot of public speaking, which she obviously doesn’t from the way she tripped over her words, she should have prepared more. Perhaps asked for the notes ahead of time. Unfortunately, her performance just made everyone cringe.

But Plus 5 because she looked great in that dress, so that’s something.

Cynthia also made her sister cry but it had nothing to do with her public speaking abilities. Mal’s afraid her sister’s headed down the same money pit with Peter and Cynthia is torn between her money and her marriage.

Peter goes ahead with the preview party of Bar One despite losing his investor. Minus 10. Couldn’t he have postponed this party? The place wasn’t finished, there were wires hanging from the ceiling and the air conditioning didn’t work … in summer … in Atlanta!

What was up with the surprise artwork on the wall. That Peter had a mural of his wife done wasn’t the real shock. The actual surprise was how big her afro was in that picture. Plus 11 because I couldn’t stop looking at it in awe.

Peter and Cynthia asked good friend NeNe to be their cohost for the event since she’s such a huge celebrity in Atlanta. Well, she certainly acted like one. Minus 10 to NeNe for showing up significantly late and not immediately going to her host to apologize. Whether her reason was a wardrobe malfunction or an ex-lover doesn’t really matter. Some things are just rude.

Speaking of wardrobe malfunctions, did anyone else notice Phaedra practically falling out of her dress at Bar One? Last week it was NeNe, now Phaedra. Minus 5. These ladies need to pull themselves together when they go out in public.

Cut to Sheree and her ex Bob who hasn’t paid child support in four years!  Not that Sheree needs the money but the man should do something for his kids. Minus 15 for being such an arrogant ass. 

When Sheree visits Phaedra, the attorney is ready to drag his butt to the county jail but Sheree’s not so sure she wants that kind of publicity for herself and her kids. Unfortunately, from the looks of next week’s episode, Bob might just beat her to the punch.

Kim’s still awaiting the birth of her baby and I feel like this child is taking forever to enter the world. Maybe next week we’ll get to the main event.