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Just days after she shot down rumors that she’s undergone plastic surgery and/or is an anorexic waif, Lindsay Lohan’s 17-year-old sister Ali is still really, really skinny.

Like, almost alarmingly so.

The aspiring model showed off an equally troubling transformation heading to a model casting in Beverly Hills, according to Us, which has an eye-opening pic.

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Clad in tight jeans, boots and a tucked-in white shirt, Ali Lohan (who now goes by Aliana Lohan) appeared alarmingly gaunt and pale, with stick thin arms and legs.

The whole fam has been either “cracking up” or offended by the Ali Lohan plastic surgery speculation, specifically that she had procedures done to alter her face.

Ali’s older sister Lindsay, 25, had a really skinny phase, too. It started around mid-2009, ending in … heck, let’s be serious here, it’s still going on. Eat, girls.