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Bill Maher talked to David Letterman about his fight with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View, and needless to say, didn’t seem eager to apologize and put this to bed.

On the contrary, the outspoken late night comedian seemed more amused than anything that Hasselbeck ambushed him about a joke he once made about her.

“You kind of walked into a deal there, huh?” Letterman said. Maher’s response? Diss her and make a reference to former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, obviously …

Bill Maher on Letterman

“I was abused. I felt like a teenage boy at Penn State,” quipped Maher, never one to pass on an un-PC zinger. “It’s funny, I am never in the role of the victim… It was like, thank you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for making me look good!

“She had some bug up her ass,” he added, but then softened his tone. “Look, I’m only kidding. I like her a lot. We have this relationship on TV where we hate each other.”

Watch the aforementioned exchange on The View after the jump:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Versus Bill Maher on The View