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Yes, Sara Leal slept with Ashton Kutcher twice last month. And, yes, the actor’s marriage to Demi Moore is one of the better known relationships in Hollywood.

But this 22-year old wants to make one thing clear: she’s no homewrecker!

In a new excerpt from her interview with Us Weekly, Leal insists that Kutcher told her and other women that “he was separated.”

Leal explains how she met Kutcher in the bathroom of his hotel suite during a party and “there was some sort of attraction” right away. They ended up alone, post-naked hot tub dip, and…

“One thing led to another.”

But Leal now regrets her actions, considering Kutcher apparently lied about his marital status. She says her “life has been a mess” ever since and: “If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened.”
Sara Leal Interview