Michael Jackson Voicemail, Recording at Conrad Murray Trial Show Star's Declining Health

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Testimony and an audio recording heard today at Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial today show Michael Jackson's physical state in mid-2009.

Spoiler alert: It was not good.

A forensic expert who analyzed Dr. Murray's iPhone uncovered a voicemail from Jackson's manager referring to "an episode" MJ had five days before he died.

On it, manager Frank DiLeo tells Murray, "I'm sure you're aware [Michael] had an episode last night." And then there was this recording, made by Murray:

The full version of the Michael Jackson recording played during the opening of the trial is chilling and heartbreaking as the delirious star rambles incoherently.

Jackson tells Murray, who recorded this conversation on his phone weeks before the singer's death, that he's dedicating the "This Is It" concerts to his kids.

Jackson claims, "I love them because I didn't have a childhood."

The 50-year-old becomes extremely emotional while speaking about Prince, Paris and Blanket, saying, "I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt."

Michael explains how he wanted to outdo The Beatles and Elvis with his final concerts, and go down in history as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

It's unclear why Murray recorded this, but according to prosecutors, it documents the singer under the influence of "unknown agents" on May 10, 2009.

It also shows Murray was familiar with Michael in altered states. At one point Murray asks Jackson if he's okay, and Michael responds, eerily, "I am asleep."

It's unclear how much this will hurt Murray with a jury, but - much like the testimony of Murray's many girlfriends yesterday - it certainly can't help.

What's your take? Dr. Conrad Murray:

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