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A crew member on the set of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels set has been fired after he gave Minka Kelly’s butt a little smack on the set. Yes, we’re serious.

There’s a report that the guy was holding a $100 bill when he slapped her, and the star retaliated with a slap right back. TMZ says that is not the case.

However, she did get slapped and she was not happy.

Minka Kelly Selfie in Ecuador

What Kelly did do, according to sources connected to the production, is respond, “Please don’t ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again.”

Given ABC’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, the guy was immediately banned from the set and subsequently fired when bosses found out.

For what it’s worth, Minka did not want the guy fired and had nothing to do with the decision, and was reportedly upset that he was, despite the slap.

ABC sources say this was not an isolated incident, however, and the guy had done it to other women before getting inappropriate with Derek Jeter’s ex.

Similar to Brett Favre’s inappropriate “courtship” of Jenn Sterger, the problem wasn’t the guy’s taste, just his tactics. Restrain yourself, man. Yeesh.