Benni Cinkle: The Next Rebecca Black?

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Have we found the next Rebecca Black?

Benni Cinkle, 14, actually appears in Black's infamous music video for "Friday" (as a dancer dressed in pink) and now she's taking the same route as her fellow young crooner, releasing her very own inspiring single.

It's titled "Can You See Me Now" and Cinkle says of the lyrics:

"Right now it’s mostly getting the message out and helping the kids. I want my message to be for anyone that is alone or feels like they cannot be themselves that it does not have to be that way. I know it’s said over and over but I believe that everybody is beautiful."

To her credit, Benni's website (ThatGirlInPink dot org) is meant to assist teens who are suffering from bullying or abuse.

What do you think of the song above?