Octomom: 14 Kids in Private School, 0 Jobs

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Nadya Suleman is no stranger to financial hardship. Heck, it's so well known that Vivid has a boilerplate sex tape offer on file and ready to send out.

We didn't even consider education, though.

Private school, no less! ALL 14 of her offspring are, according to reports, enrolled in an expensive private school. The octuplets? Not even three years old.

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"She was bragging about having all of her kids in private school, even though the eight youngest are only two-and-a-half years old!" a source said.

"She can't even pay the mortgage, but she doesn't seem to care."

Tuition at the Los Angeles County school where Nadya's children attend is a minimum of $6,000 per year, per child, for the eight pre-schoolers.

How can she justify that kind of expense? Nadya thinks that by shoving her kids in school, it will free her up and give her time to make money.

How, besides selling revolting childbirth scar pics?

"She's working on becoming a personal trainer, but for now she does the boxing stuff to make money," said the source close to the Octomom.

As for her six oldest children, the 36-year-old mother gets a 25 percent discount (phew!) on tuition because she has more than four enrolled.

What a steal.

Just two months ago Nadya Suleman was behind in payments on her La Habra, Calif., home again, with the lien holder threatening foreclosure.

"She told me she'd rather have her kids educated than worry about her bills," the source said. "But I have no idea how she's paying for it!"

You're not the only one, unnamed maybe-fake Radar source. She sucks.

She also hates kids, and said as much? How do you despise children when all your entire life is based around having massive amounts of them?

Theories and comments are welcomed.

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