Krista Stodden on Doug Hutchison: Not Creepy!

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Krista Stodden doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

Yes, her daughter is 16. And, sure, she married a 51-year old. But Doug Hutchison "looks like he’s in his early 30s," the mother of Courtney Stodden told Radar Online this week, while her daughter "looks like she’s in her late 20s."

And looks are really all that matter, right?

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Krista, who really wants you to know about her child's boobs, also insists that Hutchison is a "great guy."

"He’s not creepy," she said. "It’s like they’re talking about someone else when they say bad things about Doug."

Courtney's mom, meanwhile, has moved in next door to the couple and is now serving as her daughter's manager. Who does Krista admire? Not the scarcely known mother of Justin Timberlake, whose kid appears as well-adjusted as any young star in recent memory.

Instead, Krista says she looks up to Dina Lohan ("She's a beautiful lady, and I'm sure she loves her daughter...") and Kris Jenner (... "a real business person who has her family's best interests at heart..."). It should be noted:

Dina's daughter has been arrested multiple times, while Jenner's children have made a sex tape and had a child out of wedlock. The future looks very bright for Courtney Stodden, doesn't it?

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