Jenelle Evans Nailed For Hanging Out With That Druggie Kieffer Delp

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Jenelle Evans had her ass handed to her in court not just for failing a drug test, but for hanging out with her ex, known drugged-up miscreant Kieffer Delp.

The Teen Mom star was arrested for violating probation earlier this week, after she allegedly tested positive for marijuana and opiates a few weeks before.

But it wasn't just the drug test that landed her behind the camera for another mug shot - it was hanging out with degenerate Delp, a "known drug user."

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans

Kieffer Delp: The definition of riffraff.

Jenelle's probation prohibits her from "knowingly associating with any person or previously convicted users, possessors, or sellers of any illegal drugs."

According to the North Carolina probation violation report, Kieffer Delp, whose arrest record is up there with Evans', qualifies as such. He's not cool.

They haven't been sly about seeing each other, either.

Kieffer was arrested in June for punching people (a woman as well as a man, naturally) in front of a store ... and Jenelle Evans was right beside him.

Jenelle also got arrested earlier this year for beating the snot out of Britany Truett after she alelgedly hit on Kieffer ... who Jenelle was together with.

Jenelle is expected in court for a probation violation hearing on August 24. Fittingly, Kieffer's due in court one week later to face assault charges.

Conjugal visits are scheduled for early 2012. Just kidding.

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