Big Brother Recap: M-V-P! M-V-P!

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Sunday night's Big Brother episode marked the first dramatic shift in the balance of power this season, which was long overdue and quite entertaining to watch.

With a new sheriff in town, the aura of invincibility surrounding one of the super-couples evaporated. But this is Big Brother. Things can change in an instant.

Who won HoH and who ended up on the block? What else went down in the house? THG breaks down last night's BB episode in its +/- recap below ...

Daniele on Big Brother

Daniele was under the gun after overplaying her hand big time last week, but she knew it and responded defiantly, declaring she needed to win Head of Household, then doing just that, seemingly with ease. That was bad ass. Plus 12.

Rachel cheering for everybody but Daniele (who laughed it off, as if she knew she would win all along) was petty, stupid and a bad omen for her. Minus 8.

Minus 4 for Brendon's diss of Kalia (who's now firmly on Team Dani).

Jeff is still not over Daniele's move last week, going so far to tell her that she hurt his feelings. Minus only 5, because compared to Rachel, he's logical.

Kalia tries to mend fences with Rachel after Dani's HoH win. Rachel takes this as Kalia trying to rub her face in ... who knows. Minus 12, though.

Sadly, no note from Evel Dick in Daniele's HoH room. Just awkward silence. Minus 5.

At least Lawon got his robe on up there, though. Plus 4.

Adam's elf suit is startlingly creepy/awesome. Plus 7.

After last week's Bachelorette interruption, President Obama barges in on a crucial reality TV moment for the second time in less than a week! Minus only 1, though, because at least this time, it was substantive and concise.


We finally got to know Lawon, who talked about coming out to his family, and said that he's playing this game to be the voice of gays and lesbians, young or old, who feel like they can't express themselves. Plus 26.

Minus 4 for Rachel's attempt at jogging, but Plus 14 for the spill she took.

Daniele smartly makes a deal with Jeff and Jordan, looking ahead to next week. Might as well try to mend that back-door fence as best she can. Plus 9.

Rachel: "I haven't done anything to any of them to deserve this." Minus 15.

Brendon and Rachel try, but fail to make their case to Daniele seem at all sincere. Jeff took it all too personally, but at least he plays it straight. Minus 8.

At least Brendon covered up those knee scabs at long last, though. Plus 2.

Daniele doubles down on her game move and nominates Brenchel. For that, she's already the season's MVP. At least someone had the balls. Plus 30.

If either half of Brenchel wins the veto, can Daniele's plan hold up? Probably. She can put up a popular player in his or her stead (Jordan?) and likely ensure enough votes to evict her intended target. Plus 8.


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