Big Brother Recap: Floaters Beware!

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Last week's eviction of Lawon and return of Brendon could've spelled certain defeat for Daniele and Kalia unless the former somehow came through to win HoH.

Amazingly, with a boost from Jorff and Brenchel's inability to count, she did. But what she did in her second reign as Head of Household came as a surprise.

THG recaps Sunday's Big Brother installment below ...

Brenchel Celebrates

Minus 8 for having to relive this moment again at the start.

Minus 5 more for Shelly's blatant celebration of Brendon's return, which - spoiler alert - she may come to regret depending on how this week progresses.

"Why?!? Why, America?!?!" Kalia whines about the voting that sent Brendon back into the house. Um, probably to see this exact reaction on TV? Plus 4.

For the second time this year, Dani knows that if she doesn’t win HoH, she's toast. But then Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan all go down hard! Plus 7.

Plus 2 for Jeff's overly enthusiastic narration, in general.

When Porsche's home state came up, she cannot BELIEVE it is represented by olives (in a martini glass to symbolize nightlife, her career field). Instead, she suggests ... alligators. GREAT idea for a counting game. Plus 6.

Plus 3 more because whenever we see her listed as VIP Cocktail Waitress, we can't help but think of Tiger Woods. She's even from Florida, too!

Daniele triumphs with a consistent set of ballpark guesses. If nothing else, the girl backs up her tough talk and will never say die. Props. Plus 9.

Daniele on Big Brother

Shelly's machinations finally caught up with her. About time. Minus 12, because you can't play all sides for so long AND act so indignant after it backfires. At least be somewhat self-aware and own your mistakes.

Plus 6 for Jordan's "job interview" with her, though.

Porsche's an airhead, but she's not totally inept, making her more of an idiot savant than, say, Lawon, who was purely an idiot. He asked to be evicted! Plus 2.

While Brenchel's word must be taken with a boulder of salt, they made a nice pitch to Daniele. First, they sabotaged Shelly nicely. Second, they admitted that they, too, are targets. No one would see this alliance coming ... Plus 9.

Adam to Daniele: "If I win HoH next week ..." Sorry, we stopped paying attention, since we focus only on plausible scenarios here. Plus 3 for trying though.

"I will never let her take my class away from me." - Shelly. No words can do it justice, but Minus 17 for the amazingly clueless, absurd nature of this quote, on top of the nonsense about not being "cool enough" to hang with Dani.

At least Adam (like Dominic) realizes he sucks. Plus 5.

Daniele surprisingly puts up Shelly and Adam. Wash. Seems like she's overthinking it, rather than going with her gut and gunning for Brenchel. Then again, the back door strategy is in play, and Shelly is the worst kind of floater - a dangerous one.


Did Dani make the right call with her nominations?

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