The Bachelorette Preview: Who Shows Up in Fiji?

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Last night's episode of The Bachelorette meant hometown heartbreak for poor Ames. That guy rules, but from Ashley's point of view, there just wasn't a spark.

That leaves just three men vying for her heart in Fiji ... or does it?

The previews for next week show a familiar face appearing out of the blue in the island nation. The Bachelorette spoilers we've come across hint at who it is.

Skip past the rose ceremony and see if you can venture a guess:

Is if Ashley didn't have enough on her plate, now she's got to deal with this. After the jump, we'll fill you in on what we know, or what we think we know ...

First off, relax, it's not Bentley Williams. Thank goodness, no.

Ryan Park, who Ashley eliminated before the hometown dates, returns in Fiji. One can assume he does this to ask Ashley to reconsider. But she does not.

He is sent home again and is not part of the rose ceremony.

The other interesting twist, which we won't get into here, is what happens before Ryan even shows up (see spoiler link above if you want the lowdown).

For now, Ashley has three men - Constantine, Ben and JP - left to choose from. Who should she pick? Vote in our survey and leave a comment below:

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