Kat Von D Opens Up on Jesse James Split, Interview Fiasco: I Suck!

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Kat Von D is speaking out about her recent split with Jesse James and how her emotions spiraled out of control, culminating in her walking off the set of an interview with Good Day LA, then getting into a Twitter feud with its host.

This crazy week has led, at last, to a moment of clarity.

"What can I say?" the title of her latest blog post reads, regarding the Good Day LA incident. "I suck. I allowed today to get the best of me."

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Days after news broke that James and Von D broke up, calling off their engagement, the LA Ink star is not saying sorry – she's "not strong enough."

"It is in my nature to admit when I'm weak," she writes.

Kat Von D is also not apologizing to – or dissing – Jesse James, to whom she got engaged last winter. "In my relationship, I had never before felt as solid and strong – even though the world said different by all the criticism," she says.

Not that it was easy. "Lost a lot of friends and caused turmoil within some of my family members because of the bull– the media put out there," Kat laments. "Some fans even changed their perception of who they thought I was."

Those lost friends may never come back, but the memories she shared with James will last forever. She is, just FYI, keeping the tattoo of his face.

The tattoo artist also clarified that although "none of this happened overnight," she had only the best intentions for her relationship with James.

"It felt like it was just the two of us against the world. Never planned on walking away from this relationship, let alone the timing of things."

Kat did not elaborate on rumors that James was involved with another woman, but those don't sound like the words of a woman scorned to us.

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