Jon Huertas "Sex Tape" Used to Promote New Single

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Jon Huertas has an expansive, eclectic resume: actor (he stars as Detective Esposito on Castle), former member of the U.S. Air Force Special Ops, singer... sex tape star?

Not really.

In preparation for his upcoming album, Huertas pretended that he went all Kim Kardashian over Twitter this weekend, teasing a hot feature between himself and a female. Turns out, it's just the video for the single "Sex is the Word." Check it out here:

Why promote the video in such a manner? Explained Huertas to Pop Eater:

"Because my album is called 'Sex Tape,' and every one of my songs has its roots in sex in some way, I decided that it would be smarter to have the video be a little bit more about sex."

And it surely is. Try not to drool all over your keyboards when watching it, ladies.

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