Jersey Shore Season 4 Trailer: Sexual, Violent!

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The Jersey Shore Season 4 trailer was unleashed upon the world last night, and it lived up to expectations, whether you love the show or hate it.

The cast, as you know, has been in Italy, soaking up the scenery, culture, history and blood from Mike's face after Ronnie pounds him senseless.

That footage is the unquestioned highlight of the trailer, since we've heard about that throwdown in detail, but haven't seen any clips until now.

Elsewhere, you know the drill. Fists are pumped, drinks are consumed, cars are crashed (courtesy of effing Snooki) Pauly D is all over girls, etc.

Brace yourselves for the two-and-a-half minute trailer below. Thursday, August 4, JWoww, her boobies and the rest of the gang are goin' to Italy: