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It looks like Snooki is okay. Physically, that is.

The day after this Jersey Store star slammed her car into an Italian police cruiser (losing her license in that nation), the often-drunk guidette was back on the streets of Italy, filming season four and milking the injury for all it’s worth.

Until the video cameras stopped rolling, that is. Check out these dueling images of Snooki during shooting and in between takes. Is it just us, or is something different?


(Neck) Brace yourselves for season four of Jersey Shore in Italy, viewers!

Says Andre Dimino, the President UNICO, a national Italian American group: “She really is the lowest of the low and will do anything for attention, even hitting a police car. She is our worst ever export and is an embarrassment for Italian Americans and our whole country.”

Anyone care to dispute that?

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]