Heidi Montag Dishes on Famous Food Strategy, Other Nonsense

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Heidi Montag makes her much-dreaded-anticipated return to moronic reality TV this evening on VH1's Z-list restaurant extravaganza Famous Food.

For the first time in her "career," Spencer Pratt will not be joining her.

In an interview with TV Guide, the plastic princess opens up about going solo, her strategies for winning the Famous Food top prize and more ...

Heidi Pops Out

Heidi Montag says these days are behind her.

On what drew her to Food: I wanted to do a reality show about something I was really passionate about. I grew up in the restaurant industry.

I've worked in restaurants since I was 13 up until I was 18. So I've been waiting all year to do this show, and it's been a really exciting adventure.

I was really excited and passionate about the opportunity to be a potential owner of a restaurant and to compete with several other celebrities.

On whether Spencer was asked to join: No, that was never an option.

On what Spencer's up to lately: Ummm, not much!

On lessons learned from I'm a Celebrity...: Um, stay in the game! (laughs) That is the No. 1 lesson I learned. And also, to just deal with people.

I'm not big into fighting and drama, so I just tried to stay away from these crazy celebrities when they get like that. I stayed very clear from it.

There were some really crazy moments, and I'm thankful I had nothing to do with them. I didn't know if we'd even be able to keep filming.

On the Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle: I'd really rather not talk about it because it has nothing to with this show or my life anymore.

On bonding with Danielle Staub: Actually, I kind of asked both her and [Ashley Dupre] to get some wine because it was just the girls.

It wasn't me needing to just be friends with Danielle alone. I pretty much like everyone on the show. I wanted to get along with everyone.

On her game plan: I tried to stay as neutral as I could. That wasn't what it was about for me. I didn't want to go there and make all this drama.

I'm there to really open a restaurant and fulfill my dreams. Also, it's such a time limit — we only have 28 days to open this huge restaurant.

I'm really focused on the end game, not all the preschool drama.

On the tough aspects: No one gets eliminated, and that made it harder because everyone wants it until the very end. It brings so much more chaos.

But the hardest part was just agreeing. Everyone thinks it's their restaurant but we have to work individually to stand out as a potential owner.

Originally, you wanted to call the restaurant Fame. What is it about being a celebrity that both you and Spencer seem to be so obsessed with? You guys wrote a book about it and there was even a fake divorce...

On her other career pursuits: As of right now, it's day by day. Famous Food is what I have been really waiting for and it's what I've focused on.

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