Big Brother Recap: That Gnat Crying in the Bushes Needs to Get Squashed!

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If Rachel doesn't get her way, she will cry in some shrubbery. Morons locked in a house for weeks at a time will ultimately turn on each other. An unexpected victory in a veto competition can potentially lead to a major game-changer.

Each of these Big Brother tenets was proven last night.

Who ended up on the block when all was said and done, and which of the two is likely toast? THG breaks down Sunday's episode in its +/- recap below ...

Dominic Briones Picture

For whatever reason, Rachel is livid that this week's nominees don't include Cassi. Jordan guesses Rachel is jealous because Cassi is hot. Sounds right. Plus 4.

Jordan doesn't want to be "two-face" and go after her, though. Minus 1.

Daniele is awesome. By agreeing with Rachel and subtly playing into her nut job crusade, she subtly helps create a huge rift - to her own advantage. Plus 9.

The Golden Key concept is killing the veto competitions. Some people don't even compete, and those that do often try to tank it strategically. Minus 7.

Dominic lucks out big time when this veto battle becomes an individual effort. Unencumbered by Adam trying to lose, he pulls off a huge upset! Plus 10.

Plus 9 more for his diary room celebration after sticking it to the man.

The highlight wasn't Dominic's win, however. It was Rachel trying to show up Jordan by taking the slop punishment. Minus 6 for the girl's sheer idiocy.

Finally, some legitimate drama in-fighting! Unable to take it anymore, Jeff just unloads on Rachel his Chicago accent and the veteran alliance is shaken up for the first time. RACHEL THEN HIDES IN A BUSH and weeps. Plus 31.

Despite Brendon's (relative) level-headedness, Rachel can't bring herself to apologize with any sincerity, nearly talking her way onto the block! Minus 8.

Jordan and Jeff on BB13

"No wonder America hates me. *sniff*" - Rachel. Mmm hmm. Plus 5.

Plus 3 more for Jeff likening her to a pesky gnat. So accurate.

Even Kalia can't help but call out her lameness. Hilarious. Plus 2.

Plus 4 for Brendon's off-hand diss of Lawon while trying to smooth things over with Jordan and Jeff. Lawon has already achieved VINTAGE floater status.

Jeff and Jordan seriously contemplate back-dooring Brendon and Rachel (at which point Rachel would be voted out unanimously) ... but ultimately decide not to splinter their alliance. Minus 29 for not going through with it.

Think about it. The newcomers' alliance is fragmented, so it's not as if Jeff and Jordan become immediate targets. The only collateral damage would be pissed-off Brendon ... which is considerable. Okay, Plus 7 for playing it safe.

Jordan assures Cassi that she would be "the last person" put up for eviction. By last, she means "definitely the person I'm going to put up," to the disappointment of many (if not all) houseguests and viewers alike. Minus 18.

Unlike last week, which was totally up for grabs, tonight's eviction looks like a foregone conclusion. Minus 3. Will ANYONE try to vote off Shelley?


Did Jeff and Jordan make the right call on Big Brother? Who should they have put up once Dominic took himself and Adam off the chopping block?

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