Paris Hilton Discusses Weight Gain Battle

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Paris Hilton treats her body much better these days.

Back in the day, the ho-tel heiress says, "I was going out with my girlfriends all the time and dancing, having a lot of coffee and Red Bull. Being on the go, I would just grab fast food or skip meals because I was busy."

She weighed 105 pounds and fit into a size zero.

Very Pretty Paris

"She would be like, 'You're way too skinny. It doesn't look good,'" Hilton recalls. "I said, 'Mom, everyone is skinny in Hollywood. It's just the way it is.'"

"And she was like, 'No. It's not normal.'"

Good for Kathy for setting her straight. Also deserving of credit? Cy Waits, Paris' current boyfriend, who also helped Paris with her body image woes.

"He explained everything to me," Hilton says of Waits. "Now I only eat organic foods when we're at home. He makes me watch documentaries on food, and he makes me aware of what's good for your body because he's very into that."

It worked. By December, the celebrity gossip media noticed that Paris had put on 10-15 pounds. The pregnancy rumors naturally followed.

"Even if I'm a few pounds overweight, people will be like, 'Oh, she's fat,'" laments Hilton. "And it's not really fair that it's like that, but it is."

Today, Hilton weighs 115 lbs., she goes jogging with Waits (with whom she's rumored to have hit a rough patch) and works with a nutritionist.

"I'm really happy with the weight I'm at," adds Hilton, whose terrible new show, The World According to Paris, airs Wednesdays on Oxygen.

"I feel healthy and normal … I'm just making smart choices."


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