John Edwards to Bunny Mellon: Spare a Couple Million?

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Just weeks before he was indicted for alleged federal campaign law violations, the disgraced John Edwards reportedly asked for millions from a former donor.

In the past, reclusive heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon had given Edwards major financial support - support now central to the criminal case against him.

Edwards reportedly hit her up again this spring with a request for "millions of dollars," ABC reports, though we don't know why he asked or if she obliged.

Smilin' John

A lawyer for Mellon, who is expected to a key witness at John Edwards' criminal trial, declined to comment, as did a member of Edwards' legal team.

The disclosure comes weeks after Edwards was indicted on charges he broke myriad campaign finance laws to cover up an affair with Rielle Hunter.

A former staffer to his presidential bid, Hunter infamously gave birth to his love child, which was exposed after Edwards lost the 2008 primary.

The indictment claims Bunny Mellon allegedly gave Edwards at least $725,000, which later went toward hiding the pregnant Rielle Hunter.

Prosecutors say the cash should count as a campaign donation since hiding the affair was beneficial to Edwards' presidential bid at the time.

It's unclear if Andrew Young, the Edwards aide who hid Hunter and claimed to be the father of the baby for some time, took money to do so.

It's also unclear if Mellon has continued to support Edwards, but even if she did, the money given to him after 2008 wouldn't count as a donation since he's no longer a political candidate. But it's sure to raise eyebrows.

Mellon will likely to be called to testify in the case against Edwards.

Shortly before Edwards was indicted, he lunched with Mellon at her estate in Virginia, though her lawyer says his indictment was not discussed.

Edwards has pleaded not guilty to the charges, insisting that all the cash he received from Mellon and another donor, Fred Baron, were gifts.

He has agreed not to have any contact with Mellon as per the terms of his release on bail. He was freed immediately following his arrest earlier this month, but not before officials took a shiny John Edwards mug shot or two.


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