Bachelor Pad Season Two: Full Cast Revealed!

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The cast of Bachelor Pad, ABC's lowest-common-denominator (but still fun, we can't lie) spinoff of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, has been released!

Season 2 of the raunchy funhouse antics kicks off August 8, with 18 stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette coming together under one roof.

So who will duke it out for $250,000, free booze, a better than average opportunity to get laid a lot and another 15 minutes of fleeting fame?

Douchiest Couple Ever
Jake Looking Cool

Perhaps most notably, Jake Pavelka visits the Pad after his engagement to Vienna Girardi ended. She'll be there too ... with new man Kasey Kahl.

Also, Gia Allemand is back for a second season, while newcomers Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst were recently engaged. It's gonna be awk.

Here are the full Bachelor Pad Season 2 rosters:

The Women
  1. Gia Allemand (Bachelor Season 14, Jake Pavelka), 26, New York, NY
  2. Holly Durst (Bachelor Season 12, Matt Grant), 28, Hollywood, CA
  3. Vienna Girardi (Bachelor Season 14, Jake), 25, Los Angeles, CA
  4. Jackie Gordon (Bachelor Season 15, Brad Womack), 27, New York, NY
  5. Michelle Money (Bachelor Season 15, Brad), 30, Salt Lake City, UT
  6. Ella Nolan, (Bachelor Season 14, Jake), 31, Nashville, TN
  7. Erica Rose (Bachelor Season 9, Lorenzo Borghese), 28, Houston, TX
  8. Melissa Schreiber (Bachelor Season 15, Brad), 32, Boca Raton, FL
  9. Alli Travis (Bachelor Season 15, Brad), 25, Columbus, OH

The Men

  1. Graham Bunn (Bachelorette Season 4, DeAnna Pappas), 32, New York, NY
  2. Kirk DeWindt (Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky), 27, Minneapolis, MN
  3. Kasey Kahl (Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky), 27, Clovis, CA
  4. Jake Pavelka (Bachelor Season 14, himself), 33, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Justin Rego (Bachelorette Season 6, Ali Fedotowsky), 27, Toronto, ON
  6. Michael Stagliano (Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris), 27, Sherman Oaks, CA
  7. TBA from current Bachelorette season starring Ashley Hebert - UPDATE: William Holman
  8. TBA from current Bachelorette season starring Ashley Hebert - UPDATE: Blake Julian
  9. TBA from current Bachelorette season starring Ashley Hebert

Who do you think will win Bachelor Pad and/or hook up on the show?

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