Sam Lutfi Still Suing Britney Spears, Wants Court to Order Psych Evaluation

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Remember Sam Lutfi? No?

Well, he's the shady, worthless individual who was "managing" Britney Spears when she went off the rails, and apparently the leech still wants a cut.

Now recovered and (mostly) happy, she will have to undergo a psychiatric examination if her former manager gets his way in court, where Sam is suing Britney and her parents for wrongful termination, breach of contract and defamation.

Put Yer Hands Up

While frivolous, the lawsuit underscores how fragile Britney still is mentally.

So far, he has been unable to get the singer to sit for a deposition because, her attorneys have argued, she is "not competent" to testify in court.

Britney and the Estate of Britney Spears have been under a court approved conservatorship since February, 2008, following her public meltdown.

For all practical purposes, she is legally a child. Sad, but necessary.

Spears has two sons, Sean and Jayden, with Kevin Federline. He has sole custody of the boys, legally. Britney just has nearly unlimited visitation.

Lutfi argues that in the past two years, she's toured, recorded, done media interviews and TV appearances and could obviously give a deposition.

He is requesting a judge grant his request to have an "independent medical examination" of Britney to prove his point - and get her into court.

The proposed three to five-hour examination would focus on Britney's mental status, psychiatric symptoms, substance and alcohol use history.

It would also highlight what medications Spears is currently taking. Britney's conservators have also filed legal docs opposing the request.

It's unclear what this would even prove, so don't expect Spears to lose this battle in court. Sadly, that won't deter the scum from trying.

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