Osama Bin Laden Home Videos: Vain, Creepy!

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The late Osama bin Laden can be seen watching TV coverage of himself and rehearsing some of his diatribes in home videos released by the Pentagon.

The U.S. Defense Department released the candid tapes - seized in the raid in which bin Laden was killed - of the slain al Qaeda leader without audio.

One clip shows a gray-bearded bin Laden sitting in front of a small color TV, remote control in hand, intently watching newscasts about himself ...

Other clips show bin Laden rehearsing for a rant against the U.S.

While the government says it will not release an Osama bin Laden death photo, and for good reason, it's haunting to see the terrorist in this setting.

It also provides insight into life at his crappy Abbottabad compound. You'd think with his millions, and apparent adoration for himself, Osama could at least cough up a few hundred bucks for a plasma screen and surround sound.

Nice to see OBL took time to dye his beard before appearing on Al-Jazeera, too. Gotta look good on camera, right? Who knew he was so vain.

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