Italy to Jersey Shore Cast: Go Home, Idiots!

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Florence, Italy, is a city boasting Renaissance architecture, world class art, history, cosmopolitan culture, famous museums, gourmet food and high fashion.

And now, for a brief period in its storied history, Jersey Shore.

Hours after arriving in Italy for a month of shooting for their fourth season, the cast and crew ventured out for fun at the city-center fair Friday.

Italian Situation

The Situation, wearing a T-shirt bragging "Lady Killer" and oversized rosary beads, studied a book titled "Dirty Italian" while relaxing on a bench.

No wonder his dad hates him - as do the Florence natives.

"Why don't they get out of town and just go home?" shouted one man as he passed the Jersey Shore crew in a car. "They are all idiots!"

A fair point. But the Americans abroad can't get enough.

"We love the show and when we heard they were in Florence we had to come see them," said a University of Indiana student studying abroad.

We're sure that was well worth it.

The cast has already racked up $375 in fines tooling around Florenc driving in a pedestrian zone and blowing a red light, said Mayor Matteo Renzi.

They managed to kick up a familiar ruckus as well: Stopping for dinner after a walk, the crew got high-fives from Americans and boos from locals.

"It's beautiful - we love it," Sitch told The N.Y. Post.

It's like they never left home.