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Frank Sorrentino, father of Mike Sorrentino (a.k.a. The Situation from Jersey Shore), has a lot too say about his son in videos he posted online Tuesday.

Spoiler alert: He’s not a fan.

In a two-video series, hilariously titled with the acronym FTLF (F**k the Little F**ker) and backed by a dramatic score, Sitch’s dad derides him as a sellout.

One particularly memorable quote pertaining to Mike dissing him:

“I ask you one f**king favor and you tell me to go f**king be like a regular f**king Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend, I don’t do that.”

Nice. He goes on to claim that Mike got fired from a job once for receiving oral relief under his desk. You gotta watch Frank’s (NSFW) rants below:

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