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She was dubbed The Girl from the Trailer Park when Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model premiered.

But following an intense season finale, there’s only one thing viewers can now call Brittani Kline: champion. The 19-year old from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania cat-walked her way to victory last night over 22-year old Molly.

Does Brittani Kline deserve the America’s Next Top Model crown?

David Joyner Photo

The finalists met with IMG’s vice president Ivan Bart on the finale, posed for a Cover Girl photo shoot/commercial and were also left with short haircuts following a surprise makeover.

Told her shots were “divine” and chosen as the winner, Brittani was in tears at the end of the episode. She told everyone:

“Never give up, because right after you were about to give up, something great really happens… Everything I’ve ever done has finally paid off!