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The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard has severed her engagement to Brad Womack, according to reports. This seconds a prior story that Emily and Brad split.

A source tells OK! that Emily called Brad to call off their wedding and gave back the 3-carat Neil Lane engagement ring from The Bachelor season finale.

Going forward, she will “see what happens.” That’s never a positive status.

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In the end, Emily Maynard simply felt too much pressure to move to Texas with her 5-year-old daughter Ricki and to conform to Brad’s lifestyle.

“She finally gave up and refused,” a source says. “She said ‘I want my life back.’ ”

Emily and Brad – in their own words – have struggled to stay together since the show. But now various reports hint that things are deteriorating.

There’s even the implication that they’re pretending to stay together – or at least not confirming the open-secret split – to protect The Bachelor.

Not like that brand would really be sullied by its 14th failure in 15 tries (you’re on your own Jason and Molly), but that’s what we’re hearing.

In any case, they have not confirmed it. No statements, no press releases, no interviews. Emily Maynard has been radio silent on Twitter.

All we have are vague reports like this, although they are mounting up.

“There have been so many breakups and make ups – mostly over the phone or Skype,” a source said. “Finally, Emily told him she can’t do this.”

What do you think? Is it over? Did it ever stand a chance?