Paparazzi Give Lindsay Lohan "Anxiety Attack"

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The Lindsay Lohan circus is going on the road this week. Or more accurately, it took to the air, flying all the way across the nation from L.A. to N.Y. City.

The actress and alleged necklace bandit, who has until March 25 to accept a plea deal in her grand theft case, arrived at New York's JFK Airport Sunday.

Visiting her sister Ali and mom Dina was the objective ... but she was greeted by about 30 of her closest friends in the celebrity gossip business instead.

Which Way to the Prison?

Which way to the nearest correctional facility? That way? Nice.

"The paparazzi @ jfk gave me an anxiety attack... i was half asleep!" she Tweeted. "They're such animals :( well @ least im with my family in the end... xo."

As they waited to be whisked away from the airport, the Lohan clan – all three of them in black coats – were surrounded by photographers and flashbulbs.

Lindsay, her hair pulled back in a low ponytail, was shielding her eyes at one point as the shouts of fans and the blaring of car horns added to the chaos.

Hey, she shouldn't be so quick to dismiss them. This is all the publicity she gets nowadays as a professional train wreck. It's not like she works at all.

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