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The judge in Lindsay Lohan’s felony grand theft case has made her an offer, a relatively lenient sentence that will involve her spending time behind bars.

Judge Keith Schwartz is willing to sentence Lohan to three months in jail if she pleads guilty or no contest. So far, she’s adamantly resisted the offer.

He sent the case to another judge, Stephanie Sautner, for a preliminary hearing, but he’s giving her one more chance to accept the deal March 25.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Lohan wore a large beige condom to court today.

If Lindsay doesn’t accept the plea, Sautner will hold a preliminary hearing April 22. At the same time Judge Sautner will decide if Lindsay violated her probation.

It’s virtually a sure bet the judge will rule Lindsay did indeed violate it, and at that point, Lindsay will be remanded into custody and sent to jail awaiting trial.

Essentially, she can accept the plea bargain, take three months and be released in less than one month, most likely, due to good behavior and overcrowding.

Or she can fight the charge and, thanks to her probation, sit in jail anyway.

Take the plea deal, idiot.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]