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By now, you’ve probably already seen this. If you haven’t, well, prepare to have your mind/ears blown. Either way, what better way to kick off the weekend!

If Rebecca Black’s anthem “Friday” doesn’t get you in the mood to kick back, let the stress of the week roll off your shoulders, and live it up, then what will?

Exactly. Because it’s “Friday.” Time to start partyin’, partyin’ yeah

Rebecca Black - Friday

Why are 13-year-olds driving convertibles? Did she need to point out that Saturday and Sunday follow Friday? Who can say. But we feel enlightened.

In response to the criticism of the unintentionally hilarious auto-tuning, the teen has announced that she will release an acoustic version on iTunes soon.

Can it possibly live up to this original masterpiece? Time will tell, but thanks to Rebecca Black, this time of the week will never be the same.