Chris Brown Clarifies Rihanna "Mishap" Remark

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Chris Brown raised eyebrows - shocker there, we know - with a recent interview in which he said he was done apologizing for attacking Rihanna.

While the point was that he can't just keep saying sorry every minute of every day for life, it was the word "mishap" that the media seized upon.

He put himself in this position with his own actions, but this was somewhat unfair to Brown, who was trying to make a broader point about fame.

Brown at the Beach

In the full interview, it's clear that Chris Brown was trying to express the frustrations and pitfalls of fame in the context of his new album F.A.M.E.

The album title stands for Forgiving All My Enemies and also Fans Are My Everything. The "mishap" he was referring to was no specific event.

Of people who turned their backs on him, or on any person after a negative event in their life, Brown actually sympathized, saying the following:

“You can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.”

Rather than his beating of Rihanna, Brown was talking in general about how people protect their reputations even at the cost of losing friends.

While you can see why Chris doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, in this case it seems clear that he wasn't trying to downplay what he did.

It seems like daily, there's some rumor, some leaked Chris Brown nude pic or some comment he makes that people fly off the handle over.

We've been critical of Brown in the past, to be sure, but at some point, the guy deserves SOME break in terms of such vitriolic responses.

At least in terms of interpreting his comments, we can all do a little better as far as not twisting them to assume the most negative view.

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