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Another week, another odd, unexplained Chris Brown photo leak.

First, it was the photo of a battered Rihanna taken after their 2009 fight. Then a photo of Chris banged up after the same altercation. Now … wait for it …

A photo of Chris Brown nude has surfaced online! Woo!

Chris Brown in 2021
Photo via Getty

WHAT NOW?!??! A Chris Brown nude photo leak, that’s what!

Just when you think Brown can’t have more negative press to deal with, he manages to one-up himself. This time, with an intimate cell phone picture of himself.

The Chris Brown nude pic was sent to an ex, reportedly, but there’s no confirmation of who that ex is. Rihanna is certainly an option, but again, not confirmed.

Whoever it was sent to (and thus leaked it last week), the singer is standing in a bathroom in front of a mirror, buck a$$ naked. We’re talking full frontal nudity.

Brown is normally quite vocal on Twitter during moments like this, but has yet to comment, start a feud or threaten anyone via social media as of right now.

The singer’s silence may lead critics to believe the nude photo appearing weeks before the release of his fourth studio album, F.A.M.E. is just a PR stunt.

That may sound crazy, but what else does he have going for him?

Every time a battered Rihanna photo leaks, Brown debunks that old saw about any publicity being good publicity. Might as well get nude and switch it up.

If that is what’s going on, it’s a much better plot than those fake tears he shed over the death of Michael Jackson (above). That fooled like nine people.