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If Charlie Sheen really is returning to television, a surprise appearance by the actor last night left little doubt: a major fan base will follow him there.

Sheen popped up during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, interrupting the host’s interview with Mark Cuban – the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and founder of HDnet, who has discussed some kind of talk show with Sheen – and coming out to raucous applause.

The controversial star kissed Kimmel on the lips, handed out Charlie Sheen merchandise (t-shirts that made references to “WINNING” and “Tiger’s Blood”) and then departed after four minutes, saying “I have a show to write, dammit.”

Sheen was raspy-voiced and seemingly in a great mood, and for good reason. Despite his recent run of nuttiness, just look at the adulation showered upon him by the studio audience:

Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel