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Reese Witherspoon. Ashley Greene. Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson is a lucky man and he knows it. The actor has starred opposite a number of beautiful women so far in his career, a fact he jokingly emphasized during a chat with MTV on Friday.

“I like being in movies with lots of hot girls,” Rob laughed during the interview. “[But] They’re all pretty different. They’re all very strong, actually. I always end up being in movies with very experienced and passionate people. They’re never just flimsy floozies.”

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Visit the official MTV site for the full interview and check out the pair of excerpts below.

On Water For Elephants: “It felt like it was kind of magical in many ways, because we were out in the desert shooting. There was nothing from the modern world around. It was a different experience for me. It wasn’t in a studio or anything. I just wanted to show I can be Jacob, too. That’s the only reason I did the movie. I just looked at the name. There was an elephant, my name is Jacob – done.”

On Mackenzie Foy: “She’s a great actress. She’s really sweet. She has to do a hard part as well, because… she’s playing a baby in some scenes. She’s got a lot of money out of us swearing around her. I do it by accident, and especially Kristen does it by accident, because she’ll apologize with a swear [word]. She’s like, ‘Oh sh–! Ugh!’ She can’t stop doing it for about 15 minutes, and [Mackenzie] just waits there [with her hand out].”