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Alyse Lahti Johnston, Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend, has reportedly been dating (sorry, “having a good time” with) the golfer for several weeks now.

The pair was spotted cruising on Woods’ yacht in North Palm Beach, where Alyse is said to be getting her MBA and trying to make the LPGA tour.

She’s the stepdaughter of Alastair Johnston, the former vice chairman of sports management giant IMG, which has represented Tiger since 1996.

Tiger Woods Celebrates
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Like Tiger, Alyse Lahti Johnston has overindulged her cravings.

Alastair introduced Alyse Lahti Johnston, 22, to Woods, 35. It’s not quite clear when that took place, but what is clear is that she’s a jock – and badass.

Alyse was busted on suspicion of DUI in October, although she was only charged with reckless driving when the case ended up in court in December.

She pleaded no contest. A judgement was withheld pending completion of a victim awareness program and an educational course in DUI prevention.


Ordered to obtain a substance-abuse evaluation and given probation, Alyse and Tiger luckily have more in common than inopportune traffic incidents.

She’s a sports fanatic, excelling in college volleyball and golf.

Johnston was a key player on the University of New Hampshire’s women’s volleyball team. She later transferred to and graduated from Ohio State.

Now, she is reportedly training for the LPGA Tour while earning her MBA at Florida’s Northwood University. She’s certainly got genetics going for her.

Alyse Johnston’s biological father is former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti, who remarried after splitting up with hers mother, Jennifer.

So are she and Tiges serious? One of Alyse’s pals said:

“She sent a BBM to a mutual friend of ours saying she didn’t consider herself Tiger Woods’ girlfriend. They were just having a good time hooking up.”

Hey, whatever works. Hopefully Elin Nordegren doesn’t get wind of this. Then again, compared to recent news about her former spouse …