Michael Jackson "Begged" For Drugs, Doctor Claims

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An LAPD detective testified in the preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray that the physician told him Michael Jackson "begged" him for Propofol.

LAPD Homicide Detective Orlando Martinez interviewed Dr. Murray two days after MJ died. The night before Jackson died, he had trouble sleeping.

Murray said he was trying to ween Jackson off of Propofol, a powerful, hospital-grade anesthesia he was giving MJ almost every night for months.


Murray told Martinez he was giving Jackson a variety of other drugs after 1 a.m., to no avail. Jackson said if he didn't get to sleep he would cancel rehearsal.

Feeling "pressure" from the singer to give him something to help him sleep, Murray claims he gave Jackson a reduced dose of Propofol, with Michael's help.

Murray says Michael was out of control and that he liked to "push in the Propofol himself and that other doctors let him do it." Fast forward to the next day.

While inconsistent with the death timeline outlined by others, Murray claims he went to the bathroom for two minutes, came back and saw MJ unresponsive.

The defense insinuated yesterday that Jackson liked to push the limits of these drugs and that he did himself in with a fatal dose during this brief time frame.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter, Murray is attempting to paint a picture in which he is somehow not negligent, even as he admits Propofol treatment.

The bit about trying to ween Jackson off of it and claiming the star was applying pressure are all part of the sale. The question is whether a jury will buy it.

What do you think? Dr. Conrad Murray seems ...

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