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Kenny Ortega, director and producer of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It,” will be a star witness in prosecutors’ bid to convict Dr. Conrad Murray of manslaughter.

Ortega’s testimony is crucial, because – to make a long story short – he will help the prosecution argue that MJ was fine before Murray began drugging him.

A week before MJ died, he was too weak to perform, so rehearsals for This Is It (later made into a film, which you can see the trailer for below) were canceled.

The next day (June 20, 2009), an emergency meeting was held at Michael’s home with Jackson, Ortega, Murray, officials from AEG and Dr. Murray present.

The meeting was “intense, loud and argumentative,” with Kenny reading Michael the riot act, imploring him to take care of himself with the tour imminent. 

Ortega will testify that at the meeting, Dr. Murray said “terrible things,” showing a lack of concern and respect for MJ. Right now, it’s unclear specifically.

Rehearsals were canceled June 21-22 so MJ could rest. When rehearsals resumed on June 23-24, Michael wowed Ortega and others with revived energy.

The next day, he passed away due to a lethal Propofol injection. Enough said? Murray is expected to argue that Jackson killed himself, albeit by mistake.

Jackson’s former lawyer says that putting Michael on trial might be the defense’s only tactic to save their guilty client from a conviction. Do you agree?

Here’s the trailer for This Is It, which Ortega directed, and which eerily contains footage from some of the Michael Jackson rehearsals in question …

Michael Jackson - This is It (Full Trailer)