Devon James Still Lying About Tiger Woods, Says Golfer Paid Her to Take Down Sex Tape

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The sleazy, relatively unattractive porn star selling a purported sex tape of herself and Tiger Woods claims the golf superstar paid her not to release it.

THAT is why she's shutting down her website, which had been selling the alleged tape ... not because it actually features a Tiger look-alike or anything.

Devon James claims she had an affair with Woods - and frankly, who hasn't - but the Tiger sex tape and love child she alleges she has are clear fakes.

Devon James has no shame. Or morals, or money.

"Our settlement is done so we're not releasing a tape," Devon James' husband Nick said, claiming the couple received a settlement from Woods' camp.

But come on. Obviously there is no settlement.

Even Radar Online, which will report that Rielle Hunter wants to marry John Edwards less than a day after his wife dies, says the story is pure fiction.

James and her husband refused to show Radar any portion of the alleged tape or even a screen grab. They told various stories during in past few months, and were often caught in outright contradictions and ridiculous claims.

Devon says she didn't take any money from orders placed. But when one Radar employee attempted to get his money back, the couple told him to file a complaint with PayPal, which promised to take the matter up with the vendor.

Neither James has responded to PayPal, according to reports.

Earlier this fall, Devon's former manager Gina Rodriguez said the tape didn't exist and was a scam by the couple, saying, "This is a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send in your money for pre-order."

"Because the tape does not exist and if they have a tape, it's not Tiger."

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